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Tunic Top with Lace over Silk Found in 'Treasure Hunt Room' at G Street Fabrics - Cover up from Popcorn Gauze and Baggie Pants from a nice free flowing Poly knit... all from that fabulous room of mainly fabrics from New York Designer Boxes....

check it out at https://gstreetfabrics.com/

G Street Hrs are 11-6 on Sundays and other days 10AM-9 PM

I presently work at G Street Fabrics and I will put Items that have been made totally from G Street Fabrics, but also if someone wants to send me pictures of items they make I will give them a post of their own and put a link to their website if they make things for others.  This is promoting G Street Fabrics.  I am not endorsing anyone elses sewing, but if you like their pics of things they have made you can click on their link and the rest is up to you. 

If you are looking for me... I work  1-9 M W Th I work 12-9 Sat and Sundays 11-6

You like something I wear or a pick here and want yardage or pattern info go to   www.kittyscreation.com

  SEW IT IS!!!

Yardage for outfits after viewing--yardage blog<-click here

The Blue Flowered Blouse and Scarf is from the 7.97 Silk Bin and the Blue Jacket is made from 2.97 Fabric.... worn with one of my many shades of Blue Tubins 

 This is an outfit similar to the Yellow one but instead of Baggy-leg pants they are Pink Tubins'.  The blouse is a silk drapey pink and white blouse extended with slits on the side but the cover is my favorite flowing Drape of popcorn gauze found in the 'Treasure Hunt Room'

 Simple Summer dress from Stretch Matte Jersey-neckline and armholes are all just a binding by the same fabric... simple and easy.

Same dress accessorized with a scarf of same material and a simple black blazer with home made lapel pins cross stitched and fused glass.  A simple suit jacket of black and white are great additions to the working females wardrobe.

This is a silk blouse with draping color made from the Novelty Silk Bin @ 7.97 a yard, Scarf is also from the Silk Bin and the Pants are Tubins' a close kin to leggings, but not tight legged.  These tubins' are made from a lovely lightweight textured stretch knit and can barely be felt on.  I wear this style pants often as it is a one pattern piece and can be done with less that 1.25 yards of fabric and timing takes me 20 minutes to make.  I have many pairs of these pants... see my other blog  www.kittyscreation.com 

My patterns and how I change them are detailed on this blog.

I make all my clothes for work so you can see how easy it is to sew your clothes.   We give classes are the store, but if you try to sew on your own and have any questions I am always available when I am at work.  I also answer to my email questions.  Kittykittypurrs@gmail.com

This is lovely bright fabric I found in the 'Treasure Hunt Room' and the white jacket was also from this room... Unfortunately I only had a small piece so I had to make it a little shorter than I like and no pockets on the jacket, with a short hem.  It works for my accessorizing, and it is a lovely texture light weight polyester.

These Tubins' from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' also had a nice sheen besides being a lovely fuschia color and 4 way stretch scuba like material... the blouse fabric was found in the same room.  I try to put coordinating pieces together as I buy them to inspire me to sew them as an outfit and you will many times see me with earrings that are covered buttons of the same fabric.

These earrings were made from one of the 7.97 silks to inspire me to finish the outfit.

Both the scarf and blouse, plus the earrings were made from Silk, and the tubins from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' at 2.97 a yard.  

This is actually a combination of two patterns... The top of this dress is the favorite drapey blouse pattern I love.  The bottom is one of the beachy lycra dress patterns sewn together at the waist so it has a seam, but it is not really tightly fitting.  Still flowy and a little different look.  I was taking it to the beach so I again made my quick tie jacket.  If you are slim and like the shrug look you can make a shorter jacket.  All are in the pattern and again, no facings just turn under the edges and top stitch.  At the beach the evenings are sometimes breazy and cool.

Simple Tie Jacket made by turning under edges and top stitching.. Front back and sleeves ... Quick and Easy to go with your Beach Dress or use black or white blazer for work.


Baggy lycra pants and tunic, plus scarf, out of same and a long unstructured jacket make a never wrinkle outfit ..... all from the

 'Treasure Hunt Room'


Use the long jacket with your lycra dress for an evening out on the town, or

use your beachy jacket for the boardwalk

Another easy beachy sleeveless lycra dress, this one has no facings and the edges of the neck and sleeves are just turned under 1/4 inch and top stitched... just two pieces---fast and easy... jacket is just a solid color front back and sleeves all other edges are just turned under and top stitched---pattern numbers and details on 


Fancy pants 4 way stretch with glitter woven in the fabric and mirrored lace on the top with a satin flicked accordian pleated bodice makes a casual but glitzy dance outfit for fun on the town... wish that is where it went!

This one was a combo pattern of a lace top pattern and just a loose bodice added to yoke and sleeves of pattern.  Top was adjusted to a higher neck .   Pants are my usual quick Tubins' pattern.

These Tubins' and Top came from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' and the color of the tubins got many oohs and ahs at work.  Luckily the piece was just about 1.25 yards and I loved the color.  The top fabric was enough to do an infinity style scarf and was worn with my black blazer for work.  I also have a fabric that I bought with the pants fabric that I will make a blouse today.


This silky blouse and kaki color tubins' was a hit... scarves doubled the same fabric as the blouse and a nice kaki crepe scarf a bit longer doubled up under the lapel gave a slightly different look. 

Nothing is wrong with every color!... Tone your brights down with your Black or White Cardigan....or make a cardigan in a tone of the outifts colors...

Be Smashing with color and FLOW into the room!


  Remember make a goal (like an outfit a day) and 'WHATEVER YOU ARE BE A GOOD ONE'.... 'THEY TOLD ME I COULDN"T THAT'S WHY I DID!... AND  DON'T LET THINGS DISTRACT YOU TILL YOU ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING TOWARD YOUR GOAL (like the guitar in the corner)   LOL

Bright Blue Tubins' done and worn today...

SOOOO now I will cut out some blouses, do a couple of pink T's to wear under my light pink silk shirt and put some yardages and details on 


Silk Top with White Pants from The Treasure Hunt Room and the Silk Bin

Add the Cardigan and a Black and White Necklace plus a Scarf 

DONE!- Yes, Bangles and Matching Black and White Earrings

 White Popcorn Poly Free Flowing Cardigan with Lycra Simple Sleeveless Dress


This wild shirt came from 2.97 and the lace too. 

Open unstructured cardigan out of the same print on chiffon will be posted next.  Scarf and earrings out of the same fabric.

Tropical Earrings-Scarf-Cardigan-Sweetheart Lace Neckline top and Lime Green Pants--- The outfit---

And Check out  Kittyscreation.com frequently for jewelry tips
'Cause you need matching Bangles and necklaces- so tips on using your scraps for Accessori'zing'



 This wispy thing is a DIY Kimono which I found a pattern on the internet -use 55 x40 for this exact style.  I would improve for me by changing the 40 to at least 60 to make the sleeves longer.... Just fold in half hem edges cut up the middle turn in an inch and top stitch... DONE

The kimono was worn with... Lycra metallic peacock shirt with lace yoke and sleeves over teal glitter 4 way stretch tubins' and a turquoise silk scarf....  all from 'The Treasure Hunt' Room at 2.97 a yard.  Whole outfit pants, shirt, kimono and scarf... with matching earrings.... maybe 12.00 at most... 

1 and 1/8 pants, 5/8 and 5/8 shirt, 1 1/8 kimono, 3/8 scarf, 1 pack of covered buttons

Two pairs of earrings to start the motivation of the outfit... girls gotta have choices!

Pull shank out of button and the cover/ snap together and glue earring back onto button....DONE.... the start of an outfit..

Beige and Black dress with matching scarf and long black cardigan

Pick a silk for matching scarf from 7.97yd silk bin 3/8 yd folded over slanted ends

Black and white silk blouse with white pants goes from black cardigan to white popcorn gauze cardigan for different look


and   don't forget to accessorize!..  Use that scrap fabric... Think up unbelieveable accessories..!! and then SHARE!  


Do Tubins of Every Color - Just a Yard and an eighth


Remember Mix and Match those Cardigans

You May Even find Coat Linings and Raincoat Material in the 'Treasure Hunt' Room-Here is a Coat:

And Reversible-Pockets in Both

Inside was like skicoat material and had lining attached...

3/8 of a yard of long haired fur did the total outside edge of the coat and cuffs with some leftover to use on a couple of necklines of sweater dresses

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